1. 3 Reasons Why Showers Are Becoming More and More Luxurious

    People have been bathing for thousands of years. But unless you’re one of the few who had easy access to a waterfall, showering wasn’t something that most people did for most of human history. In fact, indoor plumbing for the common man is less than a couple hundred years old. So how is it that showers have become such an important part of our lives here in America? It’s Alone Time Many of u…Read More

  2. Why Glass Is The Best Option For A Tub Enclosure

    When most people think of a dream bathroom, the bathtub and shower are almost always separate fixtures. The shower usually has frameless shower doors so that it’s as minimalist as possible, and the bathtub might be freestanding tub or a nice jacuzzi in the corner with an amazing view of the mountains. Unfortunately, not every bathroom has this kind of space. Many times the shower and the bathtub…Read More

  3. Why Have Custom Glass Shower Doors Installed?

    Some of you reading this are probably building your new home and finally getting that dream bathroom you’ve always wanted. Others are remodeling your home one room at a time and it’s finally time to upgrade your bathroom. Either way, you’ll want to consider hiring a professional glass company so that your custom bathroom has the perfect shower doors that complement the space. Shower Enclosur…Read More