1. Ideas + Motivation = Better Service

    Mid-2017 installation, glass fabrication and installation is a wonderful world and perfection is always top priority. Our company's journey from a traditional glazing contractor to a full In-House Fabrication and Tempering Factory servicing homeowners, contractors, resorts, and other glazing contractors. A BIG thank you to all our dedicated and highly skilled employees with more than just glass ex…Read More

  2. What Are People Saying About Our Glass Company?

    For years, Eagle Valley Glass has been serving the people of Colorado’s mountain communities. We’re dedicated to helping everyone get the perfect glass they need, whether they need a single replacement window in a home or an entire storefront reconditioned. During that time we’ve received many comments from our customers, and today we thought we’d give some quick responses. "We can’t tha…Read More

  3. 3 Reasons Why Showers Are Becoming More and More Luxurious

    People have been bathing for thousands of years. But unless you’re one of the few who had easy access to a waterfall, showering wasn’t something that most people did for most of human history. In fact, indoor plumbing for the common man is less than a couple hundred years old. So how is it that showers have become such an important part of our lives here in America? It’s Alone Time Many of u…Read More

  4. Here’s Why You Need The Best In Custom Storefront Windows and Doors

    Notice any changes in the ski towns of Colorado? If you’ve been around for any amount of time, it’s pretty obvious that towns are growing pretty fast. Populations are rising, apartments for ski instructors just keep going up, and more and more stores are being built to accommodate all of these extra people. That doesn’t even include the increasing tourism that Colorado is experiencing across…Read More

  5. Amazing Custom Glass Options

    At Eagle Valley Glass, we handle many glass projects all throughout the mountain counties of Colorado. We’ve been involved in huge commercial storefronts, small shops, and multi-million dollar homes that need the best in frameless shower enclosures for five of their seven bathrooms! Still, as much work as we put into those large structures, sometimes it’s nice to unleash your artistic side and…Read More

  6. Why Glass Is The Best Option For A Tub Enclosure

    When most people think of a dream bathroom, the bathtub and shower are almost always separate fixtures. The shower usually has frameless shower doors so that it’s as minimalist as possible, and the bathtub might be freestanding tub or a nice jacuzzi in the corner with an amazing view of the mountains. Unfortunately, not every bathroom has this kind of space. Many times the shower and the bathtub…Read More

  7. Why Choose Eagle Valley Glass As Your Local Glass Company

    When you’ve decided that you need glass work, who do you call? You could pick up the phone book, if you even have one, and call a random glass company. Or you might take a look online and pick the company that has the fanciest site. More than likely, though, you’ll take a look at reviews online and find a company that people seem to trust. At Eagle Valley Glass, we’ve certainly earned our sh…Read More

  8. What Is Glass? Your Local Glass Company Knows!

    We’re surrounded by glass. And when we say “we,” we’re not just talking about the workers here at our glass company. All of us are surrounded by glass pretty much every moment of the day, from the shower enclosures we begin the day in, to the cars we drive, to the screens we stare at all day and those we keep in our pockets. Oh, and unless you live and work in a fallout shelter, you're con…Read More

  9. Three Reasons To Order A Custom-Cut Beveled Mirror

    Here at our glass company we handle the most common types of glass in homes, including window replacement and glass shower enclosures. While we certainly enjoy working on those projects, it’s hard to beat a  job for custom mirrors. This is where the art comes into our job, and we love getting clients exactly what they want. Here are the most common reasons people come to us for custom beveled m…Read More

  10. 3 Reasons To Get Glass Replacement Taken Care of As Quickly As Possible

    When you have a cracked window pane in your home, you might put off getting it taken care of right away. We’re here to tell you that you might want to rethink putting that glass replacement off. Here’s why. Safety Glass that is broken and laying on the ground is an obvious safety concern. But glass that is cracked is also something that can be very dangerous. That’s because glass with a crac…Read More