What style do you want?
  • Framed or frameless shower doors (also known as Euro style). See an example of each in the Framed and Euro pictures below.
  • Our glass company uses Coastal Shower Door and American Shower Door for our framed enclosures.
Will your shower be a steamer?
What is the layout of the design?
  • Some basic shower layouts are pictured to the left of this advice window.
Do you want clear or obscure glass?
  • Clear shower doors will show off the inside of your shower, while back painted glass obscures gives you more privacy. Clear glass always makes the space look bigger.
  • For easier maintenance, ask us about Guardian Shower Guard, the glass industry’s first permanent shower glass protection product.
Does the glass shower enclosure design blend with the overall design of the bathroom?
How will the shower door swing?
Will the towel bar hinder the door’s ability to open fully?
  • Take care to ensure it does not hit the shower, cabinets, countertops, wall, interior light fixtures or toilet.
What type of shower head are you using? Will you need a transom?
  • Certain aspects of your design such as shower head type, ceiling style, light fixtures, the height of the shower door, and other shower hardware will determine the application of the transoms.
Deco Bands
  • We can accommodate deco bands in the shower enclosure design by creating custom notches in the glass. See a sample in the photo below. However, any time a custom cut is made, the cost increases. Keeping this in mind will help you stay within your budget.
A word about hardware finishes
  • Unfortunately, not all manufacturing shower hardware finishes are the same. For example, an oil rubbed bronze faucet may not exactly match an oil rubbed bronze towel bar. Just be aware when choosing all items for your bathroom remodel. U.S. Horizons is our choice for exceptional hardware of the highest quality.