Glass does not have to just be a clear, smooth panel used in windows and doors. In fact, many businesses choose to use glass to enhance the entire image of their building overall. Architectural glass from Eagle Valley Glass & Mirror is more like a piece of art, creating a unique connection between design and functionality.

Architectural glass is used in a variety of different ways aiding in the actual structure of a building’s foundation. We believe that just because something is necessary for foundation purposes, it does not mean it can’t be beautiful too. That’s where custom glass from Eagle Valley comes in.

We understand that you probably don’t know what type of architecture glass you need to make your vision a reality. By working with our team of highly-qualified experts, we can help you discover what glass can truly do. Contact us today and let us make you a glass masterpiece.

What is architectural glass?

Architectural glass, although used for structural reasons, comes in a variety of different colors, textures, and designs. It can be used in virtually any way, on any property, serving as functional artwork. Whether it is designed for stairs, room dividers, water features, or even flooring, you can’t go wrong enhancing your property with it.

Is architectural glass safe?

Architectural glass is held to a very high standard and is as safe as any other building material when it is created and installed properly. There are millions of buildings across the world using architectural glass, so you can be assured that a professional glass company like Eagle Valley can get you the glass you need.

Are there different types of architectural glass?

From etched glass to colored panels, you will find endless possibilities when it comes to architectural glass. A few variations include cast plates, rolled plates, float glass, drawn sheet glass, self-cleaning glass, insulated glass, and heat strengthened glass. We help you choose the right kind of architectural glass for your project.

Will you follow specific building codes when installing architectural glass?

Of course! Most buildings have codes that are enforced concerning any construction project. We ensure we obtain approval on all glass installation before the installation process and follow specific codes to ensure the safety and durability of your glass will last.