showers-top-banner-011817People have been bathing for thousands of years. But unless you’re one of the few who had easy access to a waterfall, showering wasn’t something that most people did for most of human history. In fact, indoor plumbing for the common man is less than a couple hundred years old. So how is it that showers have become such an important part of our lives here in America?

It’s Alone Time

Many of us work in spaces surrounded by hundreds of people. When we get home we have to deal with the problems of others, and we constantly surround ourselves with the chatter from televisions. Showers give us time to be alone with our thoughts, and many of us spend a few extra minutes in the shower just to be alone. If you’re going to enjoy a nice long shower, why not spend it surrounded by luxuries such as shower panels, rainfall shower heads, and frameless shower doors?

It’s A Private Space

showers-side-page-content-image-011817At one time, homes didn’t have bathrooms. When plumbing made its way into the homes, closets were retrofitted into bathrooms, hence the name “water closet”. Of course, even the most elite only had one water closet in their home, so everyone (mom, dad, the eight kids, and grandma) was forced to use one facility. If you had a shower, people might be using the toilet at the same time you were bathing, so you’d want the shower doors to be opaque to give at least a little bit of privacy.

Most houses of today have more than one bathroom, and there might be as many bathrooms as there are people in the house. This means that there is more privacy in the bathroom, so you can lock the door to the bathroom and enjoy a completely glass shower enclosure that includes frameless shower doors. It doesn’t matter if the shower is clear when you don’t have to worry about the kids barging in on you!

It’s A Luxury

You’ve probably noticed that everything has a luxurious equivalent. There’s drip coffee, and then there’s the high-end coffee shop. Kias and BMWs will get you to the same place, but one of them will get you there in more comfort.

The same thing has happened to every room in the house. Rooms that were once strictly utilitarian, such as the kitchen, can cost $100,000 to remodel because of the stainless steel appliances, islands with food-washing stations, and intricate cabinetry. Basements, which used to be the place where you kept canned goods, are now seen as playrooms for adults, featuring home theaters, wet bars, and arcades, and man caves.

So it should be no surprise that luxury made its way to bathrooms. Once the room of unmentionable practices, bathrooms have become a place to spend lots of money and enjoy the latest luxuries. When you’re giving new friends the tour of your home, it’s not a place that’s to be hidden; instead, it’s celebrated.

Today’s bathrooms are a great place to relax, and the glass shower and tub enclosures you can get from Eagle Valley Glass are a great step toward that amazing luxury. Contact us today and find out at what we can do for you!