1. Here’s Why You Need The Best In Custom Storefront Windows and Doors

    Notice any changes in the ski towns of Colorado? If you’ve been around for any amount of time, it’s pretty obvious that towns are growing pretty fast. Populations are rising, apartments for ski instructors just keep going up, and more and more stores are being built to accommodate all of these extra people. That doesn’t even include the increasing tourism that Colorado is experiencing across…Read More

  2. What Is Glass? Your Local Glass Company Knows!

    We’re surrounded by glass. And when we say “we,” we’re not just talking about the workers here at our glass company. All of us are surrounded by glass pretty much every moment of the day, from the shower enclosures we begin the day in, to the cars we drive, to the screens we stare at all day and those we keep in our pockets. Oh, and unless you live and work in a fallout shelter, you're con…Read More

  3. What Glass Company is the #1 Choice For Storefront Doors and Windows?

    At Eagle Valley Glass and Mirror, we serve customers throughout the central mountains of Colorado with the best glass service around, from glass replacement and window repair to custom glass shower doors and enclosures. While many of those services are residential glass projects, we also handle storefront glass for many businesses, both new and old, across Eagle, Pitkin, Garfield, and Summit count…Read More