whytop-bannerWhen you’ve decided that you need glass work, who do you call? You could pick up the phone book, if you even have one, and call a random glass company. Or you might take a look online and pick the company that has the fanciest site. More than likely, though, you’ll take a look at reviews online and find a company that people seem to trust.

At Eagle Valley Glass, we’ve certainly earned our share of people’s trust throughout Eagle, Summit, and Pitkin counties. Here are five aspects of our business that keep people coming back again and again.


What do you want more than anything from your glass company? Quality. You want your space to look good. If you’ve hired us to install a full set of storefront windows, you’re trying to entice customers in. If we’re putting in a custom tub enclosure, you might not be trying to impress anyone but instead creating a comfortable place in which you can relax. You always want to look on your new glass and smile.


As sharp as glass can be, it might seem odd to use it in places where we bare the most bare feet…showers and tubs, for instance. But the easily-breakable glass of yesteryear is long gone, because today glass can be amazingly strong. When installed and used properly, glass can be as safe as any other material for shower doors and tub enclosures.

It’s only when they’re installed incorrectly that you have real safety issues. Glass enclosures have to be anchored properly or they could become dislodged from their supporting structures. They also have to stay properly aligned so that they are not hitting other glass pieces of the glass enclosure. Go with Eagle Valley Glass and you’re sure to be safe.


Time is money, as they say. Unless you’re skiing, in which case time is skiing! And let’s be honest, you don’t want to give up your money or your skiing.

The fact is, we’re absolutely certain that you have better things to do than to wait around while someone performs your window glass replacement or installs new shower doors. You don’t want to be put out because it’s taking twice as long as you were quoted. We’ll get the job done in time so that you can get on with your life.


No matter what kind of project you have Eagle Valley Glass work on, there’s going to be cleanup. There’s glass to be cut, holes to be drilled, and, at the end of the project, glass to be cleaned. You don’t want any mess left over, and that’s why we’re going to leave your room looking just as good as when we arrived.


Some people come to us and say “cost is no factor!” Great, we’re there for you! But most people, even if they’re well off, are still looking for a great deal. At Eagle Valley Glass, we’re going to offer you a great price commensurate with the quality of product and installation.

Ready to get that perfect custom glass job you’ve always wanted? Eagle Valley is here for you. Contact us today to get started!