saying-top-banner-011817For years, Eagle Valley Glass has been serving the people of Colorado’s mountain communities. We’re dedicated to helping everyone get the perfect glass they need, whether they need a single replacement window in a home or an entire storefront reconditioned. During that time we’ve received many comments from our customers, and today we thought we’d give some quick responses.

“We can’t thank you guys enough. We’ve had a ton of work done on our house over the last few months and Eagle Valley Glass was by far the easiest to deal with. Your prices and customer service was awesome!”

— Erich and Amy

Thanks for writing in, Erich and Amy. We’re glad you’re happy with the work we performed on your house during your remodeling projects. We understand that renovating a home can be a stressful time, and that’s why we always try to make it as easy as possible on you. Honestly, we’re not sure why every contractor doesn’t take the time to properly prepare for a job so that the work can get done as quickly as possible.

Of course, we’re not only working with you. We often have to work with other contractors in order to ensure everything gets done in the proper order. If we’re installing frameless shower doors for you, our timing is at the mercy of the plumber as they replace your fixtures. We’ll always to our best to accommodate the work of other contractors so that everything is kept on schedule as much as possible.

“Just wanted to shoot you a note on your crew. All class A guys and extremely helpful and good to work with.”

— Matt Sayer

Hey Matt, we’re glad you took the time to let us know how you feel about our crew. It’s really no secret how we get the best crew around: careful hiring practices. Because of our reputation, we’re able to attract the best glass technicians around. We hire those who are passionate about their jobs, at the same time ensuring that they’re able to interact with customers in a friendly way.

Another reason we get the best glaziers around is with continued training. Glass has been around for thousands of years, but what a technician can do with it is constantly changing. From multiple panes in window replacement to the wonders of architectural glass, we make sure that our crew is up-to-date on the latest, safest, and most efficient glass handling techniques around.

“Just a short note to express our thanks for the work you did in our new bathroom. The doors truly make it beautiful and show off the tile work so well.”

— Stacy and Chris

So glad you’re happy with our work, Stacy and Chris. We love working on bathrooms; our frameless shower doors has the odd quality of “being there and not being there” at the same time. Certainly they’re not completely invisible, but they do wonders at showing off the tile work and other upgrades that you’ve made to the shower. Shower door glass is also a great way to let in light so that the shower doesn’t feel like a tomb!

We’re getting in more reviews all the time, so we’ll be back before too long to respond to some of the points our customers are making. Until then, if any of you out there are looking for the best in custom glass, contact Eagle Valley Glass today!