special-top-bannerAt Eagle Valley Glass, we handle many glass projects all throughout the mountain counties of Colorado. We’ve been involved in huge commercial storefronts, small shops, and multi-million dollar homes that need the best in frameless shower enclosures for five of their seven bathrooms!

Still, as much work as we put into those large structures, sometimes it’s nice to unleash your artistic side and perform some custom glass project. It might end up in a fancy restaurant and be seen by hundreds of people every day, or it could go in someone’s basement bar and only be seen by a dozen people a year. Either way, we’re proud of the custom glass work we can perform.

Let’s take a look at some of the special projects we can create and why people want them.


Custom glass countertops are a great option when you’re looking for something that will set your home apart. They can be a space for eating, such as a kitchen island, or to create a specialized fixture in a bathroom that will wow anyone who stops by.

And let’s not forget bars. Whether you need a custom glass finish for a local pub or simply want a piece that looks amazing at your wet bar, we can provide you with amazing options.

Frosted Glass

Not every piece of glass needs to be perfectly clear; frosted glass can be used just about anywhere. One of the most obvious places is in a front door so that it lets in light but doesn’t allow anyone to look in. Another is frosted glass cabinetry, which gives your kitchen cabinets a fancier look than solid wood panels can. Of course, some people prefer frosted glass on frameless shower doors so that light can still come through while giving just the right amount of privacy.


One of the most artistic endeavors we take on here at our glass company is etched glass. Etched glass is an excellent option that can be simple or ornate. It can also be embellishment at the outside of the glass or fill it so fully that it works to conceal what’s on the other side in much the same way as frosted glass.

So why are people so interested in custom glass? Here are a few of the reasons they’re calling up Eagle Valley Glass.

  • It’s Unique – It might sound obvious, but custom glass is custom. When you have our glass company create something special for you, you’re going to have the only one that’s just like it.
  • It Fits Perfectly – When you’re designing or remodeling your home, you spend a lot of time finding the pieces that are perfect. Perfect countertops, perfect appliances, perfect molding. If you can’t find the type of glass or mirror you’re looking for in a catalog, having us create it is the best way to ensure it fits your style.

Eagle Valley Glass is ready to get you that perfect piece of custom glass for your home or business. When you can’t find it anywhere else, contact us!