Mid-2017 installation, glass fabrication and installation is a wonderful world and perfection is always top priority.

Our company’s journey from a traditional glazing contractor to a full In-House Fabrication and Tempering Factory servicing homeowners, contractors, resorts, and other glazing contractors.

A BIG thank you to all our dedicated and highly skilled employees with more than just glass expertise.  Follow our story below and watch how the smallest town in the world with a tempering furnace is created.

Stock Sheet Glass Storage Drawers (144″ x 96″, 4,500 lbs each, total 67,500 lbs)

Safe and Easy Access

Overhead Crane Assembly (110 Hours)

First Machine Delivered (Glass washer for our Insulated Glass Line)

IG Line Completed (Mr. Shi)

In the mean time, building expansion of 25′ to accommodate incoming machinery.

Did we mention (upgraded electrical service to 480V)

Next Up! (Tempering Furnace Unload)

Blower Fan (after glass reaches 620°C, it must be quickly cooled to become “tempered”)

Difficult and technical lift of nearly 10,000 lbs, 12 feet up with 4″ to spare


What’s Next? WaterJet

Eagle Valley Glass Logo

Well done Kibo!

Family time

Temper testing, testing and more testing

Thank you Don and Li! Just wait till they leave:)

Thank you family for all your patience.

Final installation, out with the old.

In with the new

Make that 2

Load it UP!

Cut it UP!

A real pro this guy, thanks Javier!

Time to go to work fellas