1. 3 Reasons To Get Glass Replacement Taken Care of As Quickly As Possible

    When you have a cracked window pane in your home, you might put off getting it taken care of right away. We’re here to tell you that you might want to rethink putting that glass replacement off. Here’s why. Safety Glass that is broken and laying on the ground is an obvious safety concern. But glass that is cracked is also something that can be very dangerous. That’s because glass with a crac…Read More

  2. Welcome To Eagle Valley Glass and Mirror’s New Site!

    We’d like to welcome you the the new site for Eagle Valley Glass! Here at Eagle Valley, we’re dedicated to bringing the people of the Colorado mountains the absolute best glasswork in the state. We have a wide array of glass projects that we can handle for you, so let’s take a look. Glass Replacement Whether you need a single window replaced or an entire storefront, we can safely remove the …Read More