glasstop-bannerWhen most people think of a dream bathroom, the bathtub and shower are almost always separate fixtures. The shower usually has frameless shower doors so that it’s as minimalist as possible, and the bathtub might be freestanding tub or a nice jacuzzi in the corner with an amazing view of the mountains.

Unfortunately, not every bathroom has this kind of space. Many times the shower and the bathtub have to take a more traditional path and be one fixture. When this happens, you need a way to keep the water in when you’re having a shower. Are you going with a shower curtain? Probably not. Here’s why you should choose a tub enclosure and reap all the benefits they offer.

The Look

So, you could go with a shower curtain, but it’s unlikely that a shower curtain and rod will give you the look you’re going for. To be honest, they simply look cheap. And it’s not just our opinion. Take a look at any nice house for sale; shower curtains simply aren’t something that you’ll find in a high-end home, especially in the master bath.

The best home all have tub enclosures that are made of glass, often frameless to give you that free feeling when you’re having a shower or bath.


If you’re having a bath, what’s the worst part about it? It’s when the water cools down! So, what’s the best way to prevent that?

Tub enclosures are an excellent way to keep the warmth in the tub. They work much better than a  shower curtain and are infinitely better than not having any type of barrier at all.


There’s something about steam that most people love. It feels good in the lungs and can help clear out your sinuses when you have a cold. And boy does it feel good as coming in from a winter day in the mountains! When you have a shower curtain, all of that steam is escaping. Why not keep it in with a tub enclosure and enjoy it?

Save Your Floor

Do kids like to splash in the tub? Yes they do! Glass tub enclosures are the best way to keep that water in the tub so that it’s less likely to splash all over your bathroom floor.  

Of course, kids aren’t the only ones who have trouble with water on the floor. Shower curtains are notorious for causing problems. They billow out or get misaligned at the bottom, allowing water to flow onto the bathroom floor. And then there’s the problem at the back of the shower, that space that the shower curtain just never seems to cover. Say goodbye to all of these problems with a glass tub enclosure from Eagle Valley!

The fact is, tub enclosures look great and offer many advantages that shower curtains don’t. When it comes time to update your bathroom or choose the fixtures that go in your new home, tub enclosures are the way to go. When you’re looking for guidance from a glass company that specializes in custom bathroom glass, contact Eagle Valley!