Updated-LogoHere at our glass company we handle the most common types of glass in homes, including window replacement and glass shower enclosures. While we certainly enjoy working on those projects, it’s hard to beat a  job for custom mirrors. This is where the art comes into our job, and we love getting clients exactly what they want. Here are the most common reasons people come to us for custom beveled mirrors.

To Get That Unique Look

Some people shop at Walmart, some people shop at Hobby Lobby, others shop at Ethan Allen. All of these people are getting mirrors that are mass manufactured and will be found in other people’s homes.

If you get a custom-cut beveled mirror made in our glass shop, it’s one-of-a-kind that absolutely no one else will have in their home.

To Get Exactly What You Want

beveled mirror 1When you come to us for a custom glass, you’re getting exactly what you want. You get to pick the size, you get to choose the shape. If you’re particular about how everything in your house looks, getting a mirror custom made is the only way to go.

To Match The Room

If you’ve spent a lot of your time getting everything in your living room to match, you’ll probably want something that matches everything else perfectly. The only way to make sure that happens with the mirrors is to get them made to order from our custom glass shop.

When you need that perfect beveled mirror that matches your specifications, it’s time to contact Eagle Valley Glass and Mirror. We’ll get you exactly what you’re looking for.